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Give them 100%

HECHO Project, Inc. is a Christian based non-profit whose mission is to bridge the language barrier that all too frequently has negative effects on those unable to speak English. Multiple trips to Panamá have lead us to turn our love of education into something greater! Started by Gina Winn and Lindley Kitchens, HECHO is dedicated to providing English education to an area whose government has mandated that it be taught, but failed to provide the necessary resources.  Roughly one-third of the entire country lives in poverty, due mainly to the inability to attain a job. Not having a job there is not from a lack of effort, but rather a lack of knowledge. The majority of jobs in Panama require that the applicant be able to speak some amount of English. So this is where you come in. HECHO is looking for people to make donations that will allow HECHO to provide the children of Cienaguita, Panama with the best education possible. We ask that you give 100% of your support to help HECHO continue its education efforts.

¡Muchas Gracias!

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