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We are at a point where we want to grow our ministry to incorporate a local element. We have seen first-hand and heard stories in the Hispanic community of the need for tutoring, learning English and advocating for children who are affected by the language barrier. Hecho Project has a strong desire to provide the Hispanic community with these resources and relationships. While many non-profits focus their sights on international efforts, Hecho Project recognizes the local need for teaching English as well. Hecho Project partnered with ¡HICA! to bring English classes and tutoring services to the Hispanic community of Birmingham, Alabama. 

Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring will be administered to grades 1-8. This will allow Latino children to receive assistance in all subjects. 

Adult English class

Adult English classes will help Latino adults learn conversational English. 


To allow for maximum attendance, childcare will be provided during the Adult English classes.

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