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Rene Pitti

Me llamo Rene Pitti. Tengo 20 años y vivo en Panamá (Chiriqui, San Juan de Cienaguita). Estudio enfermeria pero me falta tres mil dolares para graduarme. Ahora estoy trabajando trabajos diferentes pero. Los trabajos me obligan a viajar hasta 5 horas a veces. Tengo 2 hermanos, Mario y Felix. Amo el soccer. Soy amabl e y me gusta ayudar las personas. Dios tiene un proposito para mi y mi familia. Espero graduarme  pronto para poder ayudar mi familia y mis hermanos todo con esfuerzo y dedicasion.

My name is Rene Pitti. I am 20 years old and live in Panama. I live in Chiriqui, San Juan de Cienaguita. It is a very small village in western Panamá. I am studying to be a nurse but I am lacking $3000 to complete my program. Right now I am working odd jobs, which sometimes requires me to travel 5 or more hours to find work. I have 2 brothers, Mario and Felix. I love soccer and play on our local team. I am friendly and love to help others. God has a purpose for my family and me. I hope to graduate soon so that I can help my family and my brothers. I will be the first one in our family to ever attend college. I will finish with strength and dedication.

"One of the things that I love about Rene the most is that even though he has school and work and is forever running around doing things for his mom, Tía Paula, Felix (his brother who has Cerebral Palsy), or any other member of his family, he always, always, always takes the time to get to know the volunteers and form genuine friendships with them. You cannot find a young man out there that is as hardworking, caring, compassionate, or who exemplifies the love of Christ more than this man right here. When I asked him what he wanted to do when he finally graduates, he said, "I want to pay my mom back for everything she has done for me for school and then help put my younger brother through college so she doesn't​ have to be as burdened with that." This man deserves every single cent of contribution that comes his way. I have never felt more honored or more blessed to be friends with someone than I have with him. He is part of the magic of Cienaguita (if you've ever been, you know what I'm talking about). I really cannot express to y'all how proud I am of him and of everything that he's accomplished so far (I really hope he gets that scholarship so that his journey can continue and he can keep doing amazing things and making the world a little bit more magical)."

-Lillian Keith

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