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On Wednesday, we started the day off with a group favorite -

pineapple at breakfast. We’ve found that the fruit, especially the pineapple, is much more sweet and enjoyable in Panama. The morning started out with us teaching PE, and even though it felt like Caroline and I swung the jump rope for eternity, everyone had fun. Teaching fifth and sixth grade went well, and my experience teaching has improved as the trip has progressed. For the afternoon, Mrs. Gina arranged a trip for us to travel to Lajero, a high school further up in the mountains. As Lindley put it, Cienaguita is situated in “Alabama sized” mountains and Lajero is really up high. All of us can attest to this after our bumpy truck ride through the mud ruts and rocks required to get to Lajero. At Lajero, we used a mix of Spanish and English t talk to the students, who are the equivalent of seniors in the United States. Once we got back to the elementary school, we were greeted by some of the students waiting to do crafts and a daily mothers’ sewing class taking place. After entertaining the students for a few more hours, we all gladly met in the cocina to eat up Fina’s delicious food. Owen capped off the night with his devotion, and we all went to bed after another exhausting yet exciting day.

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