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Today started pretty early and we were all picked up from

Javier’s house around 9 in Wilfur’s truck and his wife’s little car. We drove about 45 minutes to a natural hot spring, and the last 15 minutes of the drive all 11 of us piled in 1 car and drove over boulders the size of the car… the hot spring was so warm and felt oddly good, considering it was probably 95 degrees outside! we also swam in the rio, which was about 50 feet from the hot spring; the water felt so refreshing after the hot springs but the current was strong and kind of scary! After we had our little picnic on the huge rocks on the side of the rio, we headed back to the car but stopped to hold a monkey and stand on a water buffalo! The cowboy who was helping us made me get off by sliding down the buffalo’s face! Once we had all showered and rested after our adventure, we headed into bouquet to shop

at a little market. Everyone got a chance to practice their bargaining skills, so much so that the venders were probably a little frustrated… oops… the last thing we did was go to dinner and we chose the most American sounding place: Big Daddy’s Grill. Owen and Wade ordered the big daddy’s burger challenge, Owen actually finished, and it turns out they didn’t have any tshirts to give him! later that night once we were back at the house, the girls had a dance party with marlis, and everyone went to bed a little earlier than usual because we were so exhausted!

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