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Hola! We arrived in Panamá City last night and made our way to Las Lajas this morning! We got off the bus at 5:00 am and took a taxi down to the resort. We got to the resort at 5:20ish and ended up sleeping on the lounge chairs by the pool because the front desk did not open till 6:30!! Overall we each got about 4 hours of sleep last night but still had an amazing day at the beach! We started our day watching the amazing sunrise from the beach.

Then we all changed into our bathing suits and ate breakfast together. After breakfast we started our tanning on the beach and it was only 8:30!!! We spent the rest of the morning moving between our tanning spots, the ocean, and the pool and enjoying being in Panamá! We ate a wonderful lunch and all took naps to prepare for horseback riding on the beach. Charlotte, Cami, Virginia and Louise all went horseback riding and had “the time of their lives.” After horseback riding we played cards, sat by the beach and watched the sun set until it was time for dinner. We ended our great first day with a big dinner and then star gazing! It was a wonderful first day in Panamá! 

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